5 FAQs on Pink Batts Insulation That You Should Explore

Pink Batts Insulation

Insulating a home is undoubtedly the best option to make a home energy-efficient. But what would you do when it comes to choosing the type of insulation? Well, opt for pink batts insulation without thinking twice. In Bulli, most insulation companies prefer choosing this option for insulating the roof. It’s designed for the thermal insulation of walls and ceilings. Now, explore a few FAQs on it by reading the entire blog.

Pink Batts Insulation

What to Know about Pink Batts Insulation

What Type of Insulation Is It?

Pink batts insulation is made from flexible, lightweight, and resilient glass wool. Apart from Australia, it’s widely used all over the world for residential and commercial buildings.

What Does This Type of Insulation Do?

Pink batts are nothing but high-quality glass wool, recognised by their iconic pink colour. It’s one of the best materials for making a home energy-efficient. It plays an important role in maintaining heat in winter and keeping the temperature pleasant in the property. It lasts for a long time.

Are Pink Batts Fire-Proof?

This earth wool insulation is non-combustible, which means it doesn’t burn after being exposed to fire. Therefore, Pink batts insulations are safe.

Are Pink Batts Itchy?

Fibreglass insulation can cause itchiness. It’s because small glass fibres are falling off the batts during insulation. And this is what has set pink batts insulation apart from others. It doesn’t use formaldehyde, which means this insulation is soft, low itch, and easy to handle. It’s the main reason why many people opt for pink batts insulation in Bulli.

What about the R-Value of Pink Batts?

The effectiveness of insulation is determined by its R-value. The higher the R-value, the more the insulation material is effective. However, the R-value of pink batts insulation can go up to 4.0, which is responsible for high thermal performance. It means this insulation will reduce your energy cost by up to 40%.


Pink batts insulation is ideal for walls and ceilings. And this is what our experts install. We, Kenny’s Insulation, can meet all your insulation needs. Our technicians are highly experienced and work in residential, commercial, and industrial fields. Visit our Facebook page to know about us and read more blogs.

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